PVC Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains/Doors

We offer excellent quality PVC Strip Curtains which provides an excellent thermal barrier,
keeping cool and warm air exchange to their optimum level. Therefore, providing a healthy
working environment. Our PVC Strip Curtains are manufactured using advanced technology and
state-of-the-art machinery. They are easy to install, easy to clean, are long lasting and available
in various colours & thickness.

Select Your Door

Based on the door height, the location and traffic type, different sizes of strip material are available in different overlap patterns. For interior door apply minimum strip overlap, thickness and width and for exterior doors apply maximum strip overlap, thickness and width. For heavy duty traffic applications, use Double Ribbed material. The width, thickness and overlap of the PVC strips is determined by the application doorway size, traffic type and density together with the surrounding draught conditions. Our experienced advisers can quickly recommed the correct selection.

Mounting Hardware

Our specially designed head rails are a robust extruded Aluminium section. The unique design produces an efficient "T" slot fixing for the PVC strips. This caters for a variety of selected overlaps and at the same time permits the individual strips to be stretched laterally during fixing. Specially designed powder coated cover is standard, which hides fixtures and adds aesthetics value.

Sliding Track

Our specially designed sliding track allows to open door completely in case some bigger object required to be moved through door. This prevents breakages of any strip during the operations.

Plain PVC

These strips are flat shape, brilliantly transparent and crystal clear and are suitable for ambient temperature from 4°C to 65°C

Anti Insect Amber PVC

These strips are glare reducing due to light amber colour. Most flying insects perceive this light amber colour as black & opaque. According to studies, when this PVC is used in exterior opening, flying insects are no longer attracted to the lights located inside the area.

Welding Grade PVC

These PVC curtains shields fellow employee from the flying sparks and hazardous glare of your welding operation and protect against serious eye damages by screening out harmful UV rays, These curtains allows easy access to personnel, trolleys & equipments from any point throughout the enclosure. It allows supervisors to monitor the activity and the safety of the worker inside the enclosure.

Double Ribber PVC

The unique double rib design of these strips lets the rib portion take the impact of truck and forklift traffic. This prevents scratching and tearing as well as grease and grime build-up.
PVC Curtains

PVC Curtains


Every businessman loves to encourage employees and unfolds red carpet to the customers. He strives to create and maintain a comfortable ambience for them. His doors are always open to welcome them. However with employees & guests, pests also trespass and this is where the problem begins.

Our Air Curtains are specifically designed to provide a natural resistance to pests that sneak in through openings. It also separates incoming & outgoing air flow which keeps internal environment comfortable by preventing loss of conditioned air from premises without having any physical barrier installed.

  1. Restricts Entry Of Dust, Smoke, Insects.
  2. Prevents Loss of Conditioned Air from Premises,
  3. Maintains Humidity
  4. Clean Room and Hygiene in the Premises.

Silent Features

  • Air Curtain are available in four series with outlet velocity ranging 15 Mtr/Sec, 18 Mtr & 22 Mtr/Sec. In each series, models are available to suit door width from 0.9 to 2m.
  • Air Curtain are also available with FLAME PROOF Motors in SS304 or CRCA Cabinets in all series.
  • Cold forming technique of manufacture renders outer cabinet strong and tough yet light in weight.
  • Improved design of suction grill maintains ideal air entry configuration for radial flow fans by reducing pressure loss at entry point to negligible level and achieves consumption close to the theoretical air horsepower.
  • Aerodynamic design of radial flow fan impellers with polished stainless steel blades resilent mounted drive end bush and supporting end pin ensure low turbulent displacement of air at low noise level. Number of blades, blade profile and placement are arrived at after considerable practical experimentation and studies.
  • Fixed guide vanes inside the fan scroll eliminate short cycling of the air and enable displacement at optimum energy consuption.
  • Sintered special matalic bushes absorb and retain lubricant. Therefore frequent lubricant is not necessary.
  • Compact powerful motor for smooth starting, trouble-free running and continuous operation with low power consumption.
  • Resilent suspension mounting system for installing the unit makes for ease of installation, prevents transfer of vibration from unit to mounting structure and simplifies removal of equipment for servicing.
  • Air Curtains are available in Single Phase / Three Phase velocity ranging 15 Mtr/Sec, 18 Mtr & 22 Mtr/Sec and FLAME PROOF models of 15 Mtr / Sec. velocity are available in Three Phase only.

Standard Air Curtains available in following sizes.

  Single Phase Single Phase Three Phase
3 Feet
1 Meter
4 Feet
5 Feet
6 Feet
2 Meter

Customized size can be manufactured as per specific requirement of customers.